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Do I need to bring anything? 

You will be showering before and after your float. We will provide you with everything you will need for your shower in your own private suite.  Towels, shampoo, soap, conditioner and hair dryers. If you have long hair you may want to bring a hair brush. If you have special toiletries you want you should bring those.

Do I need a swim suit?

Nope!  Your float room is totally private.  Be nothing but yourself in the water for the optimal result.

Anything else I should know before my appointment?

It is extremely important to be hydrated

Avoid caffeinated beverages 6 hours before you float.

If you shave the same day as your float the Epsom salt can irritate your skin for the first few minutes of your float so avoid shaving that day. The same for fresh tattoos , and more serious cuts or scrapes.

Contact lens wearers should be prepared to remove their lenses.

Come with some food in your stomach but not too full.

Are there any rules?

It goes without saying, but no bodily fluids inside the tanks.

We will not allow intoxicated, high or altered clients to float.

Please do not have any skin products or hair products on prior to your float.

Ladies in the process of menstruating are not permitted to float, please reschedule.


You cannot float if you have applied artificial tanner in the last 72 hours or had a Spray Tan within the last 7 days

If you have had hair coloring done in the last week, or have had a keratin treatment performed, please consult with us if you float or not. Additionally, please shampoo your hair a minimum of (3) times prior to floating in order to properly protect both your hair color/tint and the integrity of our water.

Our Water

Our water is completely filtered 5 times over after every float as well as every 30 minutes when not in use.

Our water is also sanitized by ultraviolet light (UV) in this same process. UV light filtration is state of the art technology that is also used by hospitals to sanitize equipment.

Salt is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic and antimicrobial agent as well, and our salt concentration is 10 times greater than that of the Dead Sea. They call it the Dead Sea because nothing can live in it.

And if all these steps weren’t enough, we also use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize as well to guarantee that our water is absolutely pristine.

 Your Float Experience


 Before Your Float

If it’s your first time floating with us, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment so you can check in and relax in our pre-float lounge and allow enough time for a tour.  Not arriving on time may take away from your session.

We also recommend using the restroom before your float starts to avoid interrupting your session.

During Your Float

We recommend the use of earplugs that we will provide for you to keep the Epsom salt out of your ear canals, that can be mildly irritating for some. We also recommend putting them in before your shower

Your session is an extra 20 minutes from the float time to give you time to shower before and after your session. Everyone is required to shower before and after floating.

Be thorough. First shower should be at least 5 minutes long to ensure removal of any product or outside elements on body.  Use the body wash and shampoo ONLY. Conditioner can only be used AFTER your float since the oils in the conditioner can damage the water.  Everyone MUST wash their hair. Rinse thoroughly to ensure that no bath products get inside the tank.

After your shower you can enter your float cabin.  After closing the cabin door you will gently lay back to find yourself extremely buoyant. Try to avoid getting the water close to your face. If it does get on your face be sure to dry it with a washcloth (there’s one hanging on the inside handle in the cabin).  Salt will burn your eyes so be sure not to touch them with your wet hands.

Some people find that they need a neck pillow to give the neck comfortable support. As you lay there try to relax as much as you can. Think of things that make you happy. At first it will be hard to let to go, but without the sound, light, etc., your body will eventually relax to the point where your brain is producing theta waves.

There are 4 buttons located on the far end of the cabin, these can be operated by your hands or feet if facing the opposite direction.

The red button will activate our emergency notification and an attendee will inquire over the intercom if something is wrong.

The first black button controls the fiber-optic star ceiling, the stars are recommended for those that may need time adjusting to the dark or feel they maybe claustrophobic.

The white button in the center controls the in-tank, and shower lights.

The second black button controls the music volume or mute


This is your time.

After Your Float

When your travel time has come to an end, a bell will gently ring and the music and lights will fade on, during this time take a minute to bring movement back to your body and stretch a bit before standing, the bell will ring a second time and the jets will start cycling the water (this will also push you into the cabin wall if you’ve fallen into a deep meditative state, waking you up - it’s ok, these things happen)

After slowly and steadily getting out of the cabin, step right back into the shower to rinse the salt off. Please feel free to use hair conditioner at this point. Your skin will be very soft and silky after floating. Your hair will also benefit from the Epsom Salt.

Please be mindful of the next client after you as to not take a longer shower than needed. You are encouraged to hang around in the lounge to enjoy a bottle of water and share thoughts or just relax after the experience. No pressure though, We know your busy.